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by Kath Webber September 21, 201891 Magazine interview O-M or Object-Matter Ceramic is the product of artist Carrie Lau, working from her studio in Los Angeles.With playful forms and striking surface pattern, Carrie’s designs have earned her cult status among fans of modern pottery, and, for Carrie, encourage mindful making. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carrie Lau first fell in love with Los Angeles, and making ceramics in 2014. Previously working for a Hong Kong-based fashion magazine, graphic products were clearly in Carrie’s creative blood, but her journey to ceramics was almost accidental. ‘I decided to come to LA for a graphic design program, since then I have been working in graphic design and art direction,’ explains Carrie. ‘but about four...

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The Playful Minimalism of O-M ceramic by Glaze Magazine

By Glaze Magazine Carrie Lau of O-M ceramic starts her creative process with meditation. It’s not a small feat, it takes discipline to meditate! While many potters note the way ceramics will make them stay in the present,  Carrie has taken it a step further to use the process of making to bring her into a mindful state. And the work created from these meditations comes out with minimalist forms with playful graphics painted on them. Originally from Hong Kong, Carrie works from her studio in Los Angeles. In addition to ceramics, Carrie is also a graphic designer and art director as well as an illustrator. Here we talk with Carrie about how she has found balance in her work. You’re working on a few...

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In Conversation: Carrie Lau of O-M Ceramic by POKETO

by Adrienne Fong and Calvin Berry April 18, 2018Poketo Interview While her ceramics studio may be based in Highland Park, artist and O-M Creative co-founder Carrie Lau draws her influences from all around the world. From Mexico to Prague, Berlin to Kyoto, Paris to her native Hong Kong, her work represents an eclectic confluence of cultures, traditions and ideas. But it’s at home in the city of Los Angeles where she feels the most energized by the art and people around her. Here, she’s found a “handmade culture” that it is its own confluence of ideas and perspectives, a thriving community that has inspired her to pursue her craft and explore new avenues of expression. It’s the kind of environment that Lau...

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