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Glaze Magazine: The Playful Minimalism of O-M ceramic

Carrie Lau of O-M ceramic starts her creative process with meditation. It’s not a small feat, it takes discipline to meditate! While many potters note the way ceramics will make them stay in the present,  Carrie has taken it a step further to use the process of making to bring her into a mindful state. And the work created from these meditations comes out with minimalist forms with playful graphics painted on them.
Originally from Hong Kong, Carrie works from her studio in Los Angeles. In addition to ceramics, Carrie is also a graphic designer and art director as well as an illustrator. Here we talk with Carrie about how she has found balance in her work.
You’re working on a few different projects, Object Matter, Ghost, how do you make time for it all?
The works from Object-Matter Studio, O-M ceramic and Ghost interest me a lot and they are all project-based type of works, so it would be easier if I put them in a schedule and make a balance. I enjoy having a variety on the execution of creative. Ceramic, Art direction, graphic design, and illustration, these give me a great experience of creative thinking in different mediums.
What is your creative process like?
I like meditating that allows myself to start slowly. I would try to see what kind of things would make me happy and where I can find my happiness. Then I will be exploring colors and graphics, forms and shapes by sketching, illustrating, or even cutting paper. If I found something I am happy with, I will start making them!
What drew you into the world of ceramics? And why did you decide to make it a career?
Mindfulness. When I do ceramic, it is my passion but also a meditative tool. It grounds me to a quiet place that I feel I can communicate to myself but also sharing it with other people. I have been having a lot of fun, its challenging, and sometimes I feel frustrated, this is an amazing creative process and learning curve. I am so lucky to have all the support and motivation from family, friends, and people who like my work. This definitely helps me to make it work and as part of my career.
What are you working on now?
I have just done a workshop with Poketo and a collaboration with another LA lifestyle company. Working on some orders for a cafe in Brooklyn and a space in Ohio. Also, working on some ideas for an illustration and installation art show. 

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